Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser For Normal to Oily Skin Review

Posted on: July 17th, 2010 | Filed under product reviews
cetaphil daily facial cleanser

Summary: Don’t let this clear, non-foaming, non-beaded cleanser fool you. It packs a punch unmatched by the bigger brands in the skin care industry. It’s no-frills approach won’t disappoint anyone suffering from acne prone skin that requires a gentle yet effective cleanser. From its subdued fragrance to it’s non-irritating formulation, this is a five star product all around.

I started using the Cetaphil Daily facial cleanser on the recommendation of my dermatologist in 2007. It was my first visit to an expert after having tossed around the idea for some time. At first glance, there’s nothing particularly eye-catching about the design of the bottle. It is sold in an 8 and 16 fl oz. dispenser. It’s very easy to mistake for a moisturizer, especially since Cetaphil’s moisturizer bottles also bear the same design. The first indication that you will get that this is a quality product is the price. It’s very difficult to purchase a cheap container of Cetaphil, even in the 8 fl oz size. The lowest price I was able to find was $10.

After having pumped the bottle for the first time, I was honestly a tad disappointed. What came out was a clear, tacky substance that really didn’t look like it had the oomph needed to attack acne-prone skin. At that point I was so used to seeing colorful acne cleaners and beaded acne scrubs that anything different seemed ineffective. When I finally got around to applying it to my skin, I found it odd that it didn’t foam up when it made contact with the water. No amount of scrubbing really seemed to incite any sort of foaming action. So, I had a very difficult time trying to tell whether the product was working or not. We all attribute the lathering of soap and whatnot to indicating that a cleaning effect is taking place. Not so for Cetaphil.

As I was cleansing my skin with Cetaphil, I also got a chance to catch a whiff of the product. Let me assure you it’s unlike anything you’ve ever smelled before. That’s not to say that the smell is off-putting. It’s not a heavily perfumed smell that you often find with the popular acne products, but rather a more settle, almost undetectable fragrance. Although some prefer the more overpowering smells, let me say this. The less additives you find in a cleanser, the better. Much less of a chance for irritation. So this was definitely a major plus for the product in my opinion.

It wasn’t until I rinsed the Cetaphil off and patted my face dry that I really began to understand why everyone was raving about the product. My face felt incredibly clean, without any trace of oil or grime. In my years using it, I have come to find that it does too much of a good job at cleaning your face. If I leave my skin untreated for about ten minutes after using Cetaphil, it begins to feel tight and dry. This goes to show that a small amount goes a long way and that it’s expensive for a reason – it’s a very effective product.

Cetaphil is perfectly safe for any other acne-prone areas of your skin. If you have any back acne, don’t be scared to treat it with liberal amounts of the cleanser. Same goes for chest acne or other bodily acne. Just be sure to rinse your skin off thoroughly as this stuff is tacky once it becomes dry.

A tip I have for anyone intending to purchase this product is to keep the bottle very clean, especially near the dispenser. Once this stuff sits out in the air for a day or so, it gets very tacky and you will find yourself having to constantly wash your hands when moving around the bottle.

Out of all of the products I have used, I have to say this is by far the best cleanser for your money. With it’s powerful cleaning action and gentility, yet subdued fragrance it is the perfect fit for anyone with acne-prone skin.

As mentioned earlier, finding discount Cetaphil daily skin cleanser can be a real chore. What I recommend is buying in bulk packs if possible. Perhaps there is someone else in your family who could use the cleanser. It’s great for things like removing makeup even if a said person doesn’t have acne. These are a great bargain and will save you loads that you would have otherwise spent at the store.

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