Welcome to RealAcneHelp.com!

Posted on: July 28th, 2009 | Filed under site announcements

Welcome to RealAcneHelp.com!

I want to welcome everyone to Real Acne Help! My focus for this site is simple – to provide you with straightforward information about effective acne treatments. If you have previously searched the internet for information about acne cures, you are likely (and rightly should be) somewhat skeptical. Nearly every site online that deals with acne wants to sell you something. Although acne treatments are part of a multibillion dollar industry, there is little excuse for skin care companies to fabricate facts and push ineffective products on unsuspecting people. Acne is not a fun condition to deal with, and wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars in seeking relief makes it worse. This site will hopefully open your eyes to things you have never considered in solving your acne troubles. Those profiting from acne products do not want you to dissect the condition from another vantage point. Why would they? They want their pockets lined with money.

I myself suffered from acne from the age of thirteen onwards. Having managed to get my skin under control (thanks in large part to the enormous amounts of research I have been able to conduct), I know first hand the gross amount of misinformation that lingers online. This misinformation can be immensely damaging, to the point that it can severely prolong one’s suffering. There is little question that acne can take a serious toll on someone’s emotional well-being. Those with more severe cases of the condition often go to extreme lengths to isolate themselves from the outside world, hoping that the next “miracle product” will give them some relief. People should not have to live like this. However, money is as barrier that not everyone can overcome. A large portion of sufferers are limited to using over-the-counter products as they are unable to afford visiting a dermatologist. This is not to say that a dermatologist is required in every case.

The information provided here should hopefully keep you out of the dermatologist’s office and away from expensive prescriptions. Those of you planning to pursue this route need not worry, as this site will also cover prescription medications in reviewing acne-related products. My primary focus will be to provide more cost-effective solutions, such as swapping out your current cleanser for a more gentle and effective one. Most are surprised to see how a simple change in regimen can translate to big results. Acne home remedies will also be covered in-depth. You can rest assured knowing that we will cover the most extreme approaches, from applying lemon juice to your face to utilizing Milk of Magnesia.

If at any time you have questions about the site in general or topics of discussion, please feel free to e-mail me via the contact page. Topic suggestions are always welcomed, as I love to hear about the latest craze in acne treatments. Site updates will be made regularly, and visitors will be able to interact with posts via the comment sections. Spamming will be dealt with swiftly.

Thanks once again for stopping by! Let the quest towards clear skin commence!


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